Introducing our 2016 robot: Sparky!

Sparky has done an amazing job, ranking 12th at the 10,000 Lakes Regional in Williams Arena. He made it to the quarterfinals and won one of the matches before losing to the number 2 alliance by 8 points. He did so well that he helped secure his spot at the Minnesota State High School League Championships on May 21st.

He ranked 13th at the Minnesota State High School League Championship. He and his driver had an amazing last match, where Sparky lost connection to the field, then, once rebooted, crossed two defenses, and parked on the batter within 30 seconds to secure a breach and a capture and win the match.

He competed at the Minnesota Robotics Invitational on October 15th, ranking 24th. He was picked by the #1 alliance to be their backup robot. He got to play in the final match of the day to win the tournament. Special thanks to teams 2052 - Knightkrawler, 2987 - Rogue Robotics, and 4536 - Minutebots for inviting us to be part of their alliance.

He has been a bouncy little bot, thanks to his low pressure pneumatic balloon wheels. He has successfully crossed the Ramparts, Moat, Rock Wall and Rough Terrain quite easily, plus he has crossed the Portcullis a few times and the Cheval de Frise once.

Here are some photos of him at the 10,000 Lakes Regional, the MSHSL State Championship and the Minnesota Robotics Invitational: