Beast Bot Exceptionalism

Como Park's Beast Bot ranked overall 21 in this year's 10,000 Lakes Regional Competition. This was a great improvement compared to last year's ranking and we could not be any happier. At one point we ranked number 12--, I repeat, NUMBER 12! We are immensely proud of entire group's hard work and we are extremely thankful towards our sponsors for aiding us. Three day regional competition had it's extreme highs, and not too many lows.  There were times in which we won 145 points to nothing and other times where  we lost by a one point lead. 

During the competition we did not buckle under stress and overall had good morale. President of  Beast Bot, Vu Phan, was greatly enthusiastic and never failed to keep our moods up. Even when we lost a crucial game, we faced our adversity headstrong and managed to win the next rounds due to our exceptional members. 

Unlike many other teams, excluding Harding, we were the most diverse robotics team that had one of everything which caught the attention of other groups. Not only do we come from different backgrounds and experiences, we share a bond because of our love for sportsmanship, robotics, competition, and just having fun. 

Essentially Como Park kicked butt in this year's regional competition. Although we did advance to the finals and then lost; that will not stop us from doing even better next year. Since the creation of Beast Bot, we've been upwardly climbing the ranks of FIRST Robotics and this year we came and conquered and we plan on doing it again, and again, until we are number one. Which will hopefully be in the immediate future.