Como Park Showcase Night


Today at Como Park High School we had a showcase night in which we promote our school to future freshman students. Our main goal was to encourage current eighth graders that the world of robotics has a place for everyone. We wanted to break down the misinterpreted stereotype that students who are interested in robotics are math geeks who only play World of Warcraft. (That statement was not meant to offend anyone.) Rather our objective was to show students that you don't necessarily have to be interested in engineering or math to be a part of FIRST Robotics. By promoting FIRST Robotics, Como Park High, and Beast Bot 2855 we genuinely believe that students will see robotics and any STEM related matter to be interesting, fun, and the vanguard of technological and scientific growth. Hopefully we sent that message across by having a glittery tri-fold display, a couple of lightbulbs, and a laptop.