Hey! We had a great build session today, our chassis group put the frame together and is currently drilling the holes for the wheels, another group has been working on a prototype/proof of concept for a conveyer belt as another idea to be able to lift the power cube, a third congregation sketched a design for a linear slide for lifting the power cube, and a fourth working on the gearboxes for our build.

Our Business group has started work on an executive summary by transposing the necessary questions to a Google Document and into a nice table format. Also, last Thursday they sent a letter to a potential sponsor. They made progress on the chairman's theme along with creating a list of potential presenters. 


 Celia and Robby working on the conveyer belt prototype.

Celia and Robby working on the conveyer belt prototype.


With the excitement of robotics kicking off, the team has begun designing, researching, and developing devices of the robot. The team has studied the 3-D animation of the kick off video and researched the rules and regulations of the field/robot, also looking at other teams from previous years. specifically the climbing aspect. Since kick off the team has created ideas that have become sketches. These designs have developed into products that we hope will a part of the final project. We have confidence in our robot to do well this year.  


February 11 2017 - Progress Report

Five weeks into build season and week zero is looming ahead like a turbulent storm. Build is scrambling to get the bot done while marketing is kind of just... relaxing. The amount of progress made on the bot since the last progress report is a testament to the skill and dedication of the build team. The bot is now "98 percent done" according to Drake. Build just needs to finish getting the climbing arm working and in place but everything else on the bot is there and working. Lastly, the Bumper Boiz just got their pool noodles for their world famous bumpers and are starting to plan out their construction.

Marketing has also made excellent progress in its endeavors. Maybe not quite as impressive as nearly finishing the robot, marketing has completed the chairmans essay. Now marketing has to worry about getting the presentation written and ready for performance as well as getting the video filmed in a timely fashion. Both projects have had work started on them and more progress will be made in the weeks leading up to Duluth and then to Minneapolis.

That's all for this report. We'll be back for week zero. Let's get this bot done!


 The bot lookin' good at 98%

The bot lookin' good at 98%

 Ethan showing off the essay

Ethan showing off the essay

January 28 2017 - Progress Report

We're now three weeks into build and both marketing and build have made excellent strides in their areas. Build has been prototyping and the team knows what objectives it wants to go for; high goal, gears, and climbing the rope. Build was able to push out a working design for the shooter and is currently testing it vigorously. The climbing mechanism is also in the works and currently build has the claw that will be used to catch the rope. Build was also able to finish building the fancy new table and with some help from marketing they were able to put the cool new logo design on it. 

The Marketing side of things has also been quite successful. The theme of chairmans has also been decided. This year we will be using "ripening" as a motif and "maturing" and as the general idea. Outlining for the chairmans essay is in progress and planning for the chairmans video is going to begin soon. On top of that, Ethan is very close to completing this years entrepreneurship award.

All in all the past three weeks have been very productive and the team looks like its on a good path towards both the Lake Superior and 10k Lakes tournament. 

 This is the climbing claw

This is the climbing claw

 The initial shooter design.

The initial shooter design.

BEASTBot 2855 WINS MRI along with 2052, 2987 and 4536


BEASTBot and their robot, Sparky, competed at the Minnesota Robotics Invitational on October 15th, ranking 24th. We were picked by the #1 alliance to be their backup team, and got to play in the final match of the day to help win the tournament. Special thanks to teams 2052 - Knightkrawler, 2987 - Rogue Robotics, and 4536 - Minutebots for inviting us to be part of their alliance.

4/11 BEASTBot has Qualified for the Minnesota State Championship!

Sparky's superior performance at the 10,000 Lakes regional, along with our chairman's award submission, topped off with our Entrepreneurship Award, qualified us for the Minnesota State High School League's State Championship! The top 30 teams get to go; we ranked 29th in the state, out of a total of 208 teams. Great job to the drive team, build team, and marketing team for getting us to the state championship! We couldn't have done it without working together as a team.

4/7 - 4/9 BEASTBot competed at the Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional

BEASTBot and their robot, Sparky, performed fantastically at the 10k Lakes Regional hosted at Williams Arena in Minneapolis. BEASTBot ultimately ranked 12th out of 63 teams attending. BEASTBot was chosen to be part of the 7th alliance, along with teams 4549 - Iron Bulls, and 3244 - Granite City Gearheads. The alliance brought in a backup robot (4207 - PyroBotics) before the second match. They lost to the 2nd alliance in the quarterfinals in a nail biting tiebreaker round by only 8 points.

End of quarter update

Our team has grown a lot since our first meeting of the year and much more then this time last year.

We have gotten most everyone registered for the 2015 FIRST competition, we are also trying to win a EKOCYCLE 3D printer to open more opportunities and with all of the new members push the limits of our imaginations

Start of a New School year

2014 School year has begun and the Como Park robotics team has hit the ground running. We have already had a few team meetings to prepare for the upcoming season, the our teams animator has begun the safety video, and the rest of our team is brainstorming ideas to recruit new members, and t-shirt designs have already been drafted. The school year has started out smooth and we hope our FRC season starts the same.